How does the stand attach to a trailer?

By using the floor mount kit included with the Stand-Up stand. The floor mount plate is bolted to the trailer/ute floor using 4 bolts. Then simply place the stand over the locating pins and slide it forward. Lock into position with the locking screw. To remove the stand, simply unscrew the locking screw and remove. The floor mount plate stays in place ready for use next time. It is small and sits almost flush with the trailer floor - much less hassle than traditional tyre channels.

Do I have to buy the trailer attachment separately?

No. One floor mount kits is included with each Stand-Up stand. Extra Floor Mount kits are available and may be purchased separately - click here to buy online.

Will the stand hold a bike on its own?

Yes. Adjusted correctly to suit the tyre size, the Stand-Up stands are designed to hold a bike upright without any extra assistance.

Will the stand hold a fat Harley tyre?

Yes. The wheel cradle is available in a wide-mount size to suit tyre above 160. These are readily available and can be purchased online - click here to buy online. Extra-wide 300 series tyres can be accommodated with ease. As we are the manufacturers, we can help you with any modifications or special orders. Please contact us for further assistance.

Will the stand hold a bike on uneven ground?

Yes. As long as the ground is basically level it is no problem. We recommend you hold the bike and check stability if you are unsure.

Is there much to assemble when I receive my new Stand-Up stand?

The only assembly required is the fitting of the front beam with the two M10 x 12 button head screws supplied with your order.

Why are these stands better for transport?

Stand-Up stands allow the bike to be secured down from the centre of the bike removing excess load from the bikes suspension. There are tie-down points in the Stand-Up stand for conventional tie down of your bike when transporting your bike.

Why is the stand better than a paddock stand?

Stand-Up stands do not claim to be better than other stands. Most stands on the current market have their unique uses. The Stand-up stand has a distinct advantage of being operated by one person. Its can be used as a trailer/ute/van stand and a track/workshop/pit/trail stand also - ALL IN THE ONE UNIT.



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